OmniDocs E-Gov Office is essentially an Enterprise Document Management System and a comprehensive solution specially designed for Government Organizations. It ensures that all the documents and communication centric functions are managed smartly while fully complying with Standard Operating Procedures. It is well equipped for handling Critical Communications, Correspondences and File Movements through Electronic Notes and Approval Workflow. It can handle scanned document images, electronic documents, emails and much more. Endorsements can be applied to the document images through e-stamping and textual annotations.  
Key Features of E-Gov Office:
DAK Management : Consolidated suite for indexing, filing and initiating DAK with real time status of each subject
Office Notes : An inbuilt web based editor to create Office Notes and send in a workflow for approval
File Management : Completely automated File movement life cycle from creation to archival of files
Special Files Management : Business critical files are treaded efficiently through Indexes & effective Filing structures
Record Management : Set of policies for acquisition, classification, retention, movement and disposal of records
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